Asus ProArt PA620: Revolutionizing PC Cooling for Professional Builders

ProArt PA620

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Asus ProArt PA620

In the dynamic realm of PC hardware, Asus continues to redefine innovation with the introduction of the ProArt PA620, a groundbreaking addition to the ProArt series. Unveiling its inaugural PC case, Asus ventures into uncharted territory, aiming to set new standards in cooling efficiency. Designed explicitly for professional use, the ProArt PA620 showcases a myriad of features, with a primary focus on extraordinary out-of-the-box cooling capabilities and cutting-edge elements that cater to the discerning needs of PC self-builders.

ProArt PA620: A Paradigm Shift in Cooling Performance

Exceptional Cooling Features

The ProArt PA620 distinguishes itself through an innovative front panel, boasting an open mesh design with expansive 15.5-mm ventilation slots, ensuring a remarkable 45 percent air permeability. Enhancing this, the case houses two pre-installed 200-mm ProArt front fans, equipped with 38 mm thick blades and a PWM-regulated speed range of 300 to 1,000 RPM, delivering an impressive airflow of up to 190.2 CFM. Asus promises a cooling performance of the highest tier, setting a precedent for future ProArt cases.

Airflow-Optimized Design

At the rear, a pre-installed 140-mm fan ensures quiet operation, capable of complete shutdown “when temperatures permit,” according to Asus. The internal layout incorporates two air guide plates to direct cooling air precisely where needed. A prolonged panel along the motherboard tray gently guides airflow over the motherboard’s top edge, minimizing turbulence and ensuring optimal cooling for the CPU and power supply. Additionally, the PSU cover features an angled front edge, redirecting airflow towards the graphics card.

Interior Innovation: Space, Accessibility, and Efficiency

Spacious Accommodation

Internally, the ProArt PA620 accommodates motherboards with dimensions up to 12 inches in length and 10.9 inches in width. The CPU cooler height allowance is an impressive 190 mm, while the top bracket can house radiators up to 420 mm. The case further supports up to eight 2.5-inch SSDs and four 3.5-inch HDDs, providing ample storage options for diverse user needs.

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Tool-Free Assembly

Asus introduces an exclusive tool-free mechanism for PCIe card installation, eliminating the need for screwdrivers. The side panels feature a convenient one-touch release for easy access, streamlining the assembly process and emphasizing user-friendly design.

Cutting-Edge Front I/O Panel: Connectivity at Your Fingertips

Versatile Connectivity

The front I/O panel of the ProArt PA620 boasts a plethora of USB ports, including USB Type-C with a blazing 20 Gbps transfer rate, two USB Type-A ports with 5 Gbps, and two USB 2.0 ports. To prevent accidental power button presses, a mechanical lock adds a valuable layer of security, showcasing Asus’s commitment to user experience and attention to detail.

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Intelligent Dust Filtration System: A Glimpse into the Future

Automated Dust Detection

Addressing the perennial issue of dust accumulation, the ProArt PA620 features tempered glass side panels with removable dust filters on the front, top, and bottom. An exclusive automated system detects the level of dust, microfibers, and other particles on the front filter. A side-mounted LED illuminates when the filter requires attention, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Availability and Conclusion

As of the latest information available, the ProArt PA620 is expected to hit the shelves at the end of December in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Asus proposes a suggested retail price of €229.90, signaling a competitive offering in the premium PC case market. While not yet listed in the manufacturer’s online store or PCGH price comparison, the ProArt PA620 is anticipated to make waves in the PC building community, setting a new benchmark for cooling prowess and innovative design.

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